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Why Metal Roofing?

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

I’ve been selling metal roofing for nearly fifteen years and am often asked by family, friends, customers, and sometimes complete strangers what has motivated me to stay in one industry so long. The truth is, I am as excited to talk to others about the value, longevity, energy efficiency, and versatility of metal roofing systems today as I was when I began to learn about these benefits so many years ago.

Like many others, I grew up helping family and friends with home repairs; many of these projects included roof repairs. Traditional asphalt shingles were almost always the default roofing system and I became familiar with the basic patching and replacement associated with these systems.

In my late-teens an uncle asked for help drying in a hay barn. Upon arriving at the jobsite I was surprised to see a bundle of galvalume panels beside the barn. The rafters of the roof were in place, but the framing was open, just some 1x4 lathing boards running perpendicular to the rafters, and I didn’t see any plywood or OSB on the site. When I asked about the next phase of the build my uncle simply replied, “We’re ready to start slinging metal.”

This was my first experience with metal roofing, and since I didn’t know what I was doing I listened to the instruction of my uncle, put on a pair of work gloves, and proceeded to team grab a panel with my younger brother. We slid the panel up a ladder, where it was grabbed by the roof team and pulled up onto the rafters. The panel was positioned, I confirmed the overhang, and the panel was screwed into position. We repeated this process 11 more times and half of the roof was complete. One entire side of the roof was completed in less than 30 minutes; I could barely believe it.

As we finished the second side of the roof and installed the ridge cap, gable trim, and eave trim, I was shocked at how fast the metal roofing system was installed. Although I was just a ground man for this project, I felt confident that I understood the basics of metal roofing installation. Looking back now, this project was the launching point of my interest, passion, and desire to share the value and benefits of metal roofing with everyone who was interested in home repair, renovation, or new construction.

So why am I so excited about metal roofing? Why do I feel like it is the best roofing option for you?

First, metal roofing lasts a lifetime. Metal roofing, like many other building products, has continued to experience exceptional technological advancements. Steel mills are more advanced and automated, creating a more consistent base product. The galvalume coating used to protect the steel is harder, heavier, and lasts longer than systems that were used 20 years ago.

Domestic paints have greater fade resistance and the highest global quality standards.

Fasteners and screw technology have solved failures of sun exposed washers; lifetime warranty screws are now available. These advancements have improved an already impressive roofing system, making metal roofing the longest lasting roofing option on the market.

Metal roofing is affordable. When compared to a 30 year architectural shingle, the Tuff-Rib metal roofing panel is nearly dollar for dollar the same cost. As metal roofing has become more familiar to homeowners and contractors, economies of scale have allowed mills, coaters, and manufacturers to improve efficiencies and create a more affordable metal roofing system.

Metal roofing is easy to install. I have worked with contractors and DIYers alike and the overall response I hear after an installation has been completed is, “I can’t believe how easy that was.” While every roof is different, and there are some challenging roof designs that would put even the most competent roofing on edge, overall, metal roofing is very easy to install. We offer a homeowner’s guide to roof installations to help create a level of comfort with metal roofing installations. Even if you don’t feel comfortable installing the roof yourself, this guide will offer insight into standard installation practices, allowing you to review the work of your installer to ensure you are getting a roof that will last a lifetime.

Metal roofing is energy efficient. All of our metal roofing panels, including our Signature Black, reflect 25-65% of solar energy. Metal roofing panels are often 4-6 times more energy efficient than asphalt shingle roofs.

These energy savings are good for you; reduced build costs and energy bills, and better overall comfort in your home, but it’s also good for the world. Reducing your carbon footprint with an energy efficient roof is a very effective way to contribute to the overall health of your community and the larger global picture.

Finally, metal panels are versatile. I have seen panels used for roofing, siding, water collection, under decks, boat docks, hunting blinds, and numerous other applications. The roofing panels are available in 16 different colors, which can be mixed and matched, and a number of different profiles, giving you the opportunity to make a design that is unique to you and your preferences. Our team at True Metal Supply are always available to help discuss design ideas, but ultimately, you’ll be living with these materials for the rest of your life, so we want you to be the hero of your story.

Our passion is to share the great value and benefits of metal roofing with those looking to repair, renovate, or build a new roof. While metal roofing won’t be chosen by all, we believe those that choose a metal roof will experience a better overall experience over the life of the system with less leaks, less repairs, and never having to replace the entire roofing system again. If this is something you’re interested in learning more about please connect with our team and Experience True Service as you make your decision.

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