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How to Purchase a Metal Roof

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

It’s been said that we are currently living in the “information age”. There has never been a time in history in which information on literally anything has been so readily available. While we think of the knowledge at our fingertips being appropriate for directions and restaurant recommendations, you might be surprised to find experts, (and sometimes not-so-experts) are handing out free material via the internet to help educate homeowners and contractors with their building material needs. While I can’t speak for the purpose of every article ever written in the building material space, I can speak on the behalf of most when I say the intent is to help educate customers on the right product for their project.

Given the power of the internet, companies now have an obligation of requiring a higher standard for their sales staff. Sales conversations must include honest answers that can be found to be true to keep trust in the relationship to close the sale. While the traditional, “One Stop and Close” sales method may still rarely occur, it is by far the fringe of most interactions in the building material industry with its consumers. The consumer is no longer at the mercy of hoping for a sales rep with integrity when facts are now readily available at their fingertips. And while, “commision breath”, can be hard to handle, a lying tongue will lose business completely. I digress simply because this article is not about sales strategies, but purchasing strategies. I will take the risk of sounding redundant to drive this next point home, consumers now hold the power. The stakes are high, the pressure is on, and the only ones paying the cost are those who are not willing to either A.) Divulge factual and technical information regarding their product to prove they are not selling a truly inferior product. Or B.) Raise their company standards and values to prioritize the customer experience. Those who classify as professionals in the building industry are leading this campaign of knowledge to drive up the customer experience by decreasing the platforms of fraudulent companies nationwide. While there are literally thousands of categories that fall within the building materials scope, I want to focus specifically on roofing materials. (Given that is what I do). And to help carry the torch with fellow industry leaders, I have created a simple strategy to help ensure that you as a homeowner, or contractor, get the right roof everytime!

The W.R.A.P Strategy

The W.R.A.P strategy is simple, and can remind you to think about all of the complex issues that surround your roofing project without overwhelming you. The reality is a roof is not a small purchase, nor is it something you want to have to deal with shortly after replacing. However, how do you know where to start as a consumer? Who do you trust and how do you know to trust them? The W.R.A.P strategy is designed to help you achieve a positive customer experience while purchasing the roofing system that will not only excel in aesthetics but longevity as well.

“W” - Weighing Your Options

“R” - Researching Your Project

“A” - Ask Questions

“P” - Purchase With Confidence

“Weighing Your Options”

When purchasing a roof, the first thing you need to consider is what “type” of roof you want/need for your project. There are several variables that dictate this question that you already have the answers to. For phase one, keep it vague, there will be a place for the technical questions later in the process. For now, think about these example questions;

  1. “What kind of home is this project for?”

  2. “What look am I going for overall?”

Let’s review the questions above to illustrate how this process works. Question one is examining what kind of home you are investing in. For example, is this a flip home, temporary home, or forever home? These questions might not seem relevant at first, however you will see why they matter momentarily. For a flip home or a temporary home, traditionally you want to be conservative with your spending to increase your overall ROI. Therefore, you would want something that would be economically competitive while simultaneously increasing the value of the home. Traditional metal roofing options through a reputable manufacturer will be competitive in the market space, yet increasing your residential home value an average of 6%! A forever home is exactly what it implies, a home that you intend to grow old in. When thinking about roofing your forever home, you need to be realistic in thinking about the longevity of your next roof. By shifting your mental state to a long term perspective, a lifetime roofing product begins to make a lot of sense!

Aesthetics are a big factor when choosing your roof, especially on your forever home. A roof can be a big investment, and you want to be reminded that you made the right decision when you come home to it everyday. However, aesthetics doesn’t have to disqualify functionality. With the advancement of technology, quality steel products are now being manufactured to mimic wooden shake, slate, asphalt shingles, and much more! All while keeping the benefits mentioned above! Therefore, when thinking of question two, make sure to keep question one in mind! This strategy is broken down in easy and chronological steps that will help you land on the right roof for all of your needs.

“Researching Your Project”

Now that you have decided on what “type” of roofing system you are interested in, it is time to do some research! Let’s use metal roofing for example. Let’s say you have chosen metal due to the benefits of the material itself, but not sure which profile works best for your home. While aesthetics do and will play a big role in this decision, you should always start first with your project's unique details. For example;

  1. “What is the slope/pitch of your roof?”

  2. “Where is the home located?”

Question one becomes important due to most traditional roofing systems cannot be installed under a 2-3:12 slope/pitch. If the wrong roofing system is purchased for the specs of your project, it can jeopardize the longevity and functionality of the roofing system. While it is true that there are many profiles and types of roofing systems, they are more than just cosmetic differences. Knowing what slope your preferred roofing system is rated for will save you a lot of headaches and potential leaks down the road.

Question two becomes relevant depending on the type of hazards your area may potentially face. The most common hazards that could affect your roofing system would be:

  • Forest Fires

  • Hurricanes

  • Hail

While there are certainly more factors that could be listed above, those are the top three most homeowners factor in when they are purchasing their new roofing system. If those factors are important to you, consider a roofing system that is tested and rated for the list below:

  • UL790 Class A Fire Resistance Compliant

  • UL580 Class 90 Wind Uplift Compliant

  • UL2218 Class 4 Impact Resistance Compliant

“Ask Questions”

This step is crucial because it brings us full circle to the beginning of the article. Be sure to ask a lot of questions to your salesman. Even if you feel confident by the time you are done with your research, interrogate the sales rep! This will do either of two things; 1.) Unveil the company might be hiding some facts if they are not willing to openly give you information regarding their products, or 2.) Provide comfort to the consumer by accumulating trust with a company that is able to not only answer the questions that are asked to them, but go the extra mile to ensure industry knowledge and a peace of mind.

“Purchase With Confidence”

Now that you know what look, style, material, and company that you want to go with, you can purchase with confidence! There is no greater feeling than making a major investment with confidence. I hope this strategy helps you find the right roofing system for your project, and if you have any questions or concerns, give us a call here at True Metal Supply.

Example Strategy Process W.R.A.P

  1. “What kind of home is this project for?” - Temporary 2-5 years. Would like something economically competitive and that will increase my resell value.

  2. “What look am I going for overall?” - I live in a brick subdivision, so something simple and classic is preferred.

  3. “What is the slope/pitch of your roof?” - My home is at 6:12.

  4. “Where is the home located?” - South Eastern TN next to the Smoky Mountains. Fire Resistance is a big concern.

  5. Went by my local metal manufacturing company True Metal Supply here in Knoxville, TN. They recommended the 29g Tuff Rib metal roofing system in Forest Green. It fits all of the requirements that I needed!

  6. Purchased my roof with confidence! That’s a W.R.A.P on that project!

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