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Bellara Plank Steel Siding


Natural Beauty.

Locked In.

Our Bellara Plank, flush-lock steel siding series stands as the perfect selection for both residential and commercial ventures. These concealed-fastened, 12-foot planks boast remarkable adaptability, fulfilling a spectrum of needs with vertical or horizontal applications and the convenience of interlocking a variation of widths.


Mimicking the allure of natural wood, yet forged from enduring steel, our siding is built to endure the test of time. For enthusiasts of woodgrain aesthetics, our Bellara planks deliver a hyper-realistic look, all while alleviating concerns about the environmental impact of real wood.

Bellara Steel Siding Plank Options - Combine multiple widths together; available in 24 & 26 GA
Bellara Steel Siding Plank Options - Combine multiple widths together; available in 24 & 26 GA
Bellara Plank Steel Sidng Deep Walnut, Vertical Installation
Bellara Plank Steel Siding Color Chart

Lifetime Warranty

This limited lifetime warranty assures the product will not crack, flake or peel to a visual extent. It also protects against chalking and color changes.



Bellara woodgrain patterns starts with elegant, aged wood grains. Ultra-high-resolution imaging captures the intricacies of all the grains & knots.

Energy Efficient

Every paint color for our Bellara Plank steel siding is energy efficient and can result in significant savings on energy costs for your home.

Cost Effective

Steel Bellara Plank siding is extremely competitive with real wood siding & lasts much longer. It's also very competitive with similar steel siding!

Plank 90 Dimensions
  • Installed Coverage/Exposure Size: 3.64” x 12'-0" (93mm x 3658mm)

  • Installed Coverage/Exposure Area: 3.64 sqft (0.338m²)

  • Installed Weight: 

    • 0.55 Ibs/LFt (0.82 kg/m) - 26ga

    • 0.69 Ibs/LFt (1.03 kg/m) - 24ga

  • Profile Depth: 0.59” (15mm)

  • Material: 

    • 26ga (0.019” / 0.48mm)

    • 24ga (0.024” / 0.60mm)

    • Grade 33 (230), galvanized coated steel​


Bellara Gallery


  • 26 or 24ga Steel

  • Sherwin-Williams WeatherXL™ Crinkle SMP & PVDF Finishes

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on painted material


  • Concealed Fastened System with screw flange

  • Custom sizing in 12' lengths

  • Profile Depth: 0.59” (15mm)

  • 3 Width Options:

    • 90 mm

    • 135 mm

    • 200 mm​

  • Flush-Lock System

Get Pricing & Info on Bellara Plank

We use technology to provide you with a hassle free, personalized quote specific to your home without every coming on site. See what it would cost to have metal siding on your home with a free online quote! 

Aerial Roof Image
Aerial Roof Image
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