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Commercial building with steel shake metal roofing


Unique. Timeless. Beautiful.

Imagine protecting your home and the ones you love with one of the most elegant yet durable metal roofs on the market. Great American Steel Shake is a metal roofing system that combines the stunning aesthetic of cedar shakes with the timeless endurance and efficiency of metal roofing systems.  

Great American Steel Shake
Great American Steel Shake Gallery Preview

Lifetime Warranty

This limited lifetime, non-pro-rated warranty is transferrable to new homeowners making your roof an asset and increasing your home's value.

Made in America

Manufactured in Piqua, Ohio, Every component of this roof – top quality steel, paint, coatings, and accessories – is manufactured in the United States.

Energy Efficient

PVDF finishes include reflective pigments for energy efficiency. By keeping heat out of the attic, air conditioning loads are reduced and energy savings occur. 

Certified Premium

Great American Steel Shake is Certified Premium by the Metal Construction Association through its Roofing Panel Certification Program.

Shake Gallery



  • G90 Galvanized Steel

  • Kynar­ 500® and Hylar 5000® PVDF Resin Based Finish

  • 40-Year Paint Warranty;
    25-Year Non-Painted Galvalume® Warranty.


  • Weight: 90lbs per square

  • 12"x24" Fully Interlocking Concealed Fastened Panels​​


  • MCA Certified Premium Metal Roofing

  • Class A or B Fire Ratings based upon exact roof preparation

  • 120 mph Wind Warranty

  • Guaranteed Leak Free From Hail Damage


MCA Certified Premium Badge

Kynar 500® is a registered trademark belonging to Arkema Inc.
Hylar 5000® is a registered trademark belonging to Solvay

Visualize Your Metal Roof.

See what a Great American Steel Shake would look like on your home with our interactive online metal roofing visualizer. You can choose from stock photos or upload a picture of your own home and view different color options and styles!

Get Pricing & Info on Steel Shake

We use technology to provide you with a hassle free, personalized quote specific to your home without every coming on site or getting on your roof. See what it would cost to have a metal roof on your home with a free online quote! 

Aerial Roof Image
Aerial Roof Image
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