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Capri Clay Villa Stone-Coated Steel Tile


Authentic. Traditional. Stylish.

Decra Villa Tile achieves the classic look of semi-cylindrical Spanish tiles without sacrificing durability or longevity. Not only is the stone-coated metal highly durable, the stone-coated texture provides a natural, appealing aesthetic to your roofing system.

Rustico Clay Villa Steel Tile
Rustico Clay Villa Stone-Coated Steel Tile
Rustico Clay Villa Stone-Coated Steel Tile
Amalfi Sand Decra Villa Tile - Stone-Coated Steel Tile from True Metal Supply

Lifetime Warranty

This limited lifetime warranty assures protection against high winds and hailstone. A 30 year limited warranty on the finish guarantees further peace of mind.



Think Villa Stone-Coated Steel Tile is out of your price range? You might be surprised at how affordable and

cost competitive these metal shingles truly are!

Energy Efficient

This roofing system creates an airspace
between the panel & roof deck - keeping it cooler in the summer & reducing ice damming
in the winter.

Certified Premium

Decra Villa Tile has protective layers to deliver long life performance with
Class A Fire Rated Material, Best In Class Weight-To-Strength Ratio
and more!

Engineered for Elements & Installs

Breathtaking designs are what you see at first glance, but underneath are layers of pure protection. The proprietary stone-coating process involves adhering natural stone granules to the top of base steel sheets to provide a wide range of styles, colors, and textures that suit the most discerning of tastes – each backed by the strength of multi-layered steel.


Technical Details


  • Stone-Coated Steel Panel Layers: 

    • Overglaze​

    • Stone Granules

    • Basecoat

    • Acrylic Primer

    • Aluminum-Zinc Alloy Coating

    • Steel

    • Aluminum-Zinc Alloy Coating

    • Acrylic Primer​​​

  • Installed Exposure: 14-1/2” x 39-1/2”

  • Panels per Square: 25.2 Installed

  • Weight: 160 lbs./square

  • Lifetime Warranty for wind ≤ 120 mph and hailstone ≤ 2.5 inches penetration; 30 year limited warranty on finish


  • Class A Fire Rated Material

  • Best In Class Weight-To-Strength Ratio

  • Severe Weather Resistance

  • Class 4 Impact Resistance (Highest Rating)


Visualize Your Metal Roof.

See what metal tile would look like on your home with our interactive online metal roofing visualizer. You can choose from stock photos or upload a picture of your own home and view different color options and styles!

Get Pricing & Info on Decra Villa Tile

We use technology to provide you with a hassle free, personalized quote specific to your home without every coming on site or getting on your roof. See what it would cost to have a metal roof on your home with a free online quote! 

Aerial Roof Image
Aerial Roof Image
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