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Simple. Easy. Superior Strength.

Our parallel chord steel trusses create maximum overhead clearance, allowing you more storage space. With clearspans from 8' to 100' for gable trusses and up to 30' for lean-to trusses, your building possibilities are extremely flexible!


Plus, replacing wood trusses with steel trusses will reduce labor & wood materials, putting more money back into your pocket. And the best part? Steel trusses make your building setup SO SIMPLE. Design your build with our Steel Trusses to see your building kit, and we'll send you a free quote!

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Steel Trusses

Available in: Gable Truss, Snoot Truss, Lean-To Truss, and Bar Joist Truss options


Gable Truss


Snoot Truss


Lean-To Truss


Bar Joist Truss


Unlike wood, steel trusses won't rot, aren't susceptible to termite damage, and have welded joints that create superior strength.

Made in America

We're committed to using American made steel trusses that are manufactured by American workers.

Maximum Space

Our parallel chord steel trusses create for maximum overhead clearance allowing you more storage space.

Cost Effective

Steel trusses require far less material than wood trusses. Less material and less labor means more money in your pocket.

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Post Frame Builidng Rendering
Post Frame Building Rendering

Design with steel trusses online for free!

Build your own pole barn, shop, garage or other building with steel trusses using our online Post Frame Builder! Enter your own dimensions and go wild customizing your building. When you're ready just click submit and we'll send you the quote!



  • 1-1/2 x 1-1/2" x 1/8" Steel Chords, Base, and Vertical Ends


  • 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" x 1/8" Webbing


  • ASTM 50 KSI Steel


  • Roof Live Load -20 PSF


  • Ground Snow Load - 15 PSF

  • Design Wind Speed - 105 mph

  • Wind Risk Category II

  • Wind Exposure Category C

  • Allowable Dead Load - 10 PSF at 10' OC spacing

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Steel Truss Quote

Get Pricing & Info on Steel Trusses and Post Frame Builds

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If you already have some components we're happy to quote you just the steel trusses or any other individual components that you need! We can also quote your post frame building complete with everything you need from framing, to trusses to metal sheathing. Just enter the specifications in the note section of the form.