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7.2 Box Rib Steel Siding


Where modern meets industrial.

The 7.2 Box Rib Steel Siding panels boast a robust, structural build ideal for wall and roofing installations. With exposed fasteners and ample coverage, the 7.2 Box Rib is adaptable for both horizontal and vertical siding setups.

Installation of the 7.2 Box Rib panel is quick and easy on either solid substrate or open framing. Its contemporary industrial appearance adds aesthetic appeal to any project, making it a tastefully crafted panel profile.

7.2 Box Rib Steel Siding Matte Black Panel
7.2 Box Rib Panel Profile Drawing
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7.2 Box Rib panels can be
installed vertically or horizontally
in wall applications. Plus, these panels
may also be used for roofing!

Made in America

We're committed to using American steel and American coatings on our steel siding products that are  

manufactured by American workers.



Exposed fasteners and wide panel coverage make the 7.2 Box Rib panels a quick and efficient install for roof and wall panel projects.



Featuring clean lines and large rib profiles, the 7.2 Box Rib Steel Siding is extremely strong and can be used in structural applications.


7.2 Box Rib Gallery


  • 26ga Standard; 24ga Available

  • 36" Net Coverage

  • 1.5" Rib Height

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on painted material


  • Exposed Fastened System

  • Panel Length Cut to Specification

  • Install on Solid Substrate or Open Framing

  • Dura Coat WeatherXL™ Crinkle PVDF HYLAR 5000® Finish

  • Also available: Bonderized, A606, and Galvalume Plus​​

Coming Soon

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Aerial Roof Image
Aerial Roof Image
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