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Pole Barns or Post Frame Buildings?

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

The term "pole barn" is an endearing term that is still used today to reference a certain type of building structure that we now recognize as a post frame building. Many years ago it was common in agricultural use for barns and sheds to be erected using round wooden poles (like a light pole) as the primary framing. Naturally, this type of building earned the moniker "pole barn". Over time we have seen the usage of these type of buildings evolve and naturally some of the technology and materials for these type of buildings has changed. Round poles have passed from common usage and have been replaced with solid square structural posts or square laminated posts. As a result we now call this type of building a "post frame" building.

Post Frame Building

Of course many people still refer to post frame buildings as pole barns. Heck, we still call them pole barns ourselves sometimes and it's not likely that the terminology passes from our vocabularies any time soon. However, it is important to recognize that the usage for post frame buildings has also evolved from just simple hay storage. These buildings are now highly customizable, beautiful structures that we see used for equestrian centers, riding arenas, warehouses, RV covers, carports, outdoor entertainment areas and even barndominiums that people live in as their primary residence. The components used to build post frame buildings also makes them extremely durable. While an old pole barn may have poles all throughout the center of the barn, post frame buildings allow you to clear span widths as great as one hundred feet without center column supports.

So while "pole barn" is still a perfectly fine way to describe these buildings it doesn't quite cover the full spectrum of use that post frame buildings now afford their users. If you're interested in seeing the flexibility of design and use of a post frame buildings from True Metal Supply, check out our post frame building page and get a free, no hassle quote on a post frame building designed to meet your needs.

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