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10 Benefits of Installing Board and Batten Steel Siding

Updated: Jan 23

You've heard about all the outstanding benefits of metal roofing, but what about steel siding? Does metal siding have the same level of performance as a metal roof? Do the two corrugated metals share similar benefits? The answer is yes: installing Board and Batten Steel Siding offers several benefits for your barn home, barndo build, carport, shed, barn, garage, metal building, etc, making it a popular choice for both residential and commercial buildings. Here are 10 of the key advantages:

Steel Board & Batten Siding on a Metal Home
  1. Durability: Steel is a highly durable material that can withstand various weather conditions, including extreme heat, cold, rain, and wind. It is resistant to rot, mold, and pests, making it a long-lasting option for siding.

    1. Plus, at True Metal Supply, our painted metal boasts a 40-Year Paint Warranty backed by paint industry leader Sherwin-Williams. Because we have such high confidence in the paint, True Metal Supply extends that warranty for life.

    2. True's Board & Batten Steel Siding is also made with all American steel, so you can rest assured you're getting high quality materials.

  2. Low Maintenance: Steel siding requires minimal maintenance compared to other materials. It does not need to be painted frequently, and it resists fading, chipping, and cracking. A simple occasional cleaning is usually sufficient to keep it looking new.

  3. Fire Resistance: Steel is non-combustible, making it a fire-resistant siding option. This quality can enhance the overall safety of a building and may even result in lower insurance premiums.

  4. Energy Efficiency: Because metal siding works similarly to metal roofing, it's highly reflective of solar energy. This helps regulate indoor temperatures, reducing cooling costs over time.

  5. Environmentally Friendly: Steel is a recyclable material, and many steel products used in construction contain recycled content. Choosing steel siding can contribute to sustainable building practices and reduce the environmental impact.

  6. Design Flexibility: Steel board and batten siding come in various styles and colors, providing homeowners and builders with design flexibility. This allows for customization to match the architectural style and aesthetic preferences of a particular project.

  7. Resistance to Weather Elements: Steel siding is resistant to weather elements such as rain, snow, and UV rays. This resistance helps maintain the appearance and structural integrity of the siding over time.

  8. Cost-Effective: While the initial cost of steel siding may be higher than some other siding materials, the long-term cost-effectiveness is notable due to its durability and low maintenance requirements. Over time, homeowners will see savings on repair and replacement costs.

  9. Increased Property Value: High-quality siding can enhance the curb appeal of a home or building, leading to an increase in property value. Board and Batten Steel Siding, with its durability and aesthetic appeal, can contribute positively to the overall value of the property.

    1. True Metal Supply's Board & Batten Steel Siding uses a concealed fastened system with screw flange, 10" reveal, and a 3/4" batten height, creating a truly beautiful panel that's universally loved by homeowners!

  10. Quick Installation: Steel siding is lightweight and comes in large sheet metal panels, which can speed up the installation process. This can be advantageous for both new construction projects and renovations.

It's essential to note that the specific benefits may vary depending on the steel material or sheet metal used, the manufacturing & installation process, and other factors. Get a free quote on True Metal Supply's Board & Batten Steel Siding here or give us a call at (865) 224-3055!

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