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Metal Roof Myth Busting: 4 Common Misconceptions of Metal Roofs

You know, I wasn't always a metal roof advocate. Actually, just a few years ago when I bought my home, the previous owner was paying for a new roof as part of the agreement - and I got to choose the style. Guess what I didn't even consider as an option? That's right... a metal roof.

While I kick myself for that now (and probably even more in less than 20 years when I'm getting my asphalt shingles replaced with metal), it is nice to have the perspective. I understand the questions and myths around metal roofing; and, I don't judge them, because that was me not too long ago. However, I have been in the industry long enough now to appreciate metal roofing for the quality roofing system it truly is. So... who's ready to bust some myths??

4 Common Misconceptions of Metal Roofs:

1. Are Metal Roofs Loud?

Some metal roofing experts might roll their eyes at this one, but we don't. This is a totally legitimate question. Residential metal roofs are not typically any louder than asphalt or tile - and here's why: residential metal roofing is installed over solid wood decking covering an insulated space which absorbs the majority of noise coming from the roof. Between the solid wood and insulation, you won't notice much difference in noise regarding steel roofing versus any other roofing material. The belief that metal roofs are extremely loud comes from metal roofing that is installed on open framing (barns, pavilions, etc.) which of course will seem loud, because there is not decking or insulation to create a sound barrier.

2. Will A Metal Roof Make My Home Hot?

This common misconception makes me chuckle, because I've actually asked the same question before. But as crazy as it seems, metal roofing can actually do the opposite for you, because it's extremely energy efficient.

Let's break it down a little. The real question we want to discuss is how efficient is your roof at shielding the structure beneath it from solar heat gain? Well, metal roofing panels are often 4-6 times more energy efficient than asphalt shingle roofs. Actually, all of our metal roofing panels, including our Signature Black, reflect 25-65% of solar energy. Soooo, what does this mean? Well basically metal roofing will reflect a good amount of solar heat, keeping it OUT of your home (pretty neat, right?).

But that's not all, independent studies by Oak Ridge National Laboratories in Oak Ridge, TN have found that homeowners in the southeast could see annual savings as high as 40% by putting a cool metal roof on their home!... What's the takeaway? Not only does metal roofing NOT make your house hot, we see that it's actually one of the most energy efficient materials you could put on your roof to help keep your house cooler!

If you want to learn more about the science behind this busted myth, Mason does a great job of explaining more in-depth in his article, "Will a Metal Roof Make Your House Hot?"

3. Do Metal Roofs' Colors Fade Quickly?

This is probably my favorite question, because we're starting to really think through the product quality and challenge it. Over the years, metal roofing has certainly come a long way - or, should I say, coil coatings, in particular, have a come a long way. Before I lose you, let me give you this not-so-secretive, golden nugget of information: our painted metal boasts a 40-Year Paint Warranty backed by paint industry leader Sherwin-Williams. True Metal Supply extends that warranty for the life of the roof.

Yes, you read that right, these coil coatings have a lifetime warranty. Why? Well the short answer is these WeatherXL® coatings are no joke, and the product's lifespan makes it possible to offer this.

But if you want the long explanation, let's start with an analogy. Have you ever moved your wall décor after it has spent a few years in a room with a lot of sunlight? You probably noticed a significant change in the color from when it was hung to the rest of the room. Here's the simplest way to explain the difference in that paint versus our metal roofing panels: these WeatherXL® coil coatings are not liquid paint; they use a silicone modified polyester - a fantastic paint technology - similar to a powder coat that's baked on. So, the paint coatings we use offer superior resistance to chalking, fading & scratching, exceptional color & gloss retention, outstanding color consistency, and even superior weatherability... Consider this myth BUSTED!

4. Are Metal Roofs Astronomically Expensive?

As the [arguably] "family cheapskate," I'm excited to talk this one through. Although, if you're also asking this question, I'd like to think you and I are just educated consumers who value quality - proceeding with frugal, intentional thought before committing to a purchase. In fact, you've come to the right company to appreciate your perspective.

Short answer: metal roofing is actually affordable. When compared to a 30-year architectural shingle, the Tuff-Rib metal roofing panel is nearly dollar for dollar the same cost. As metal roofing has become more familiar to homeowners and contractors, economies of scale have allowed mills, coaters, and manufacturers to improve efficiencies and create a more affordable metal roofing system.

Does that mean you can't spend more on metal roofing than an asphalt shingle? Absolutely not. Like any purchase, prices will vary depending on the quality (or lack-there-of) from one product to the next. Yes, you will probably be able to find a low-quality asphalt shingle at a lower price than a standing seam metal roof. But you're not really comparing apples to apples.

In fact, with the average metal roofing system compared with the average asphalt shingle, you're still not really comparing apples to apples in terms of quality. Metal Roofing Alliance just put out a comparison chart for the longevity of metal roofs to asphalt, determining quality metal roofing will have a lifespan of 40-70 years while with an asphalt roof, you can expect 12-20 years.

In final, yes, metal roofing is affordable, but there are also metal roofing options with unique looks and finishes that can be more expensive. Please, continue to be an educated consumer, get a free quote from us and think about your budget. Just keep in the mind what I failed to when I got a new roof, ie., "when is the next time you'll have to replace it?"

Hopefully this helped answer some questions, but we know you probably have more. Feel free to contact us or read through our FAQ & Blog for more information. You're well on your way to becoming a Professional Metal Roof Myth Buster, yourself!

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